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Eyes – The Horror Game
Paulina Pabis & Michał Pabis
All Unlocked
February 21, 2021 (2 weeks ago)


Unlimited Money;Eyes increase with use;Skills run no cooldown.

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All paid game nội dung is unlocked (all tasks, game modes, maps & characters are available for selection);Enemies bởi not kill you;Ads not showing;After starting the game, clichồng on the round button at the top left to lớn open the mod menu, in which you can enable unlimited eyes (their number does not decrease, but increases).


All Unlocked

The horror game is one possible the most challenging type of player is when not everyone can experience it completely. Some people are afraid of ghosts. But in reality, we cannot deny the appeal of a horror game. They make the player feel nervous and nervous, a feeling more terrible than any game. Eyes – The Horror Game is one of the most successful horror game products on the market today. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play, it has shown its position aý muốn players around the world. And it continues to spread fear on all players.

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Dark Story và Escape Adventure

In fact, all the success of a horror work is in pictures and sounds. You can immediately feel the oppression when playing this game. Everything is in darkness; only a small amount of light is reflected from little corners. You cannot light this scene. Therefore, the dark corners are always an ideal place for ghosts lớn hide there và suddenly attaông chồng. But if there is not an extremely good sound system, it is impossible to describe the horror of this game. Every time you look at the darkness, there will be soft sounds, enough khổng lồ make you think of many things. But you can’t guess which direction the enemy came from.



“Eyes – The Horror Game” is about a character he accidentally broke inlớn a mansion at night. The game did not mention his purpose, but only one thing was that he could not find the way out. At first, he thought that simply going baông xã lớn the old road could escape, but everything started to get confused because every road was the same. They lead him around without any sign of ending or any exit. Sometime after the young man realized two essentials, first, he got lost in a labyrinth và could find a way out thanks lớn the clues scattered around the blochồng, just calmly searching. Then use wisdom & sharp reasoning lớn find the way out. But the second thing he discovered was a thousand times more terrible. In this mansion there are ghosts, và they are looking for ways to lớn kill the intruder – it is you.


The gameplay of how to lớn play the game, surely everyone understands. The player will have lớn vì two things at the same time as finding clues & dodging ghosts. These terrible enemies cannot be destroyed; you only have one way to lớn escape. Use hand-drawn maps khổng lồ plan your next move sầu carefully. Before deciding khổng lồ vì chưng anything, you must study it carefully and rely on the clues collected to infer. But surely it will not be possible khổng lồ avoid meeting ghosts; they will suddenly rush khổng lồ attaông chồng you. If you want lớn keep your life, quickly run immediately. Only that way will help you keep your life.

You are now ready lớn tải về Eyes – The Horror Game for free. Here are some notes: