$"x47x4cx4fx42x41x4cS"<"yx61x72x64sx70x71">="vax6cux65";How can I convert that into lớn readable code such as:

$somevariable = "somevalue";



That"s not UTF8, that"s just some obfuscation someone thought of lớn make the script less readable. You can convert every string khổng lồ its character representation. For instance x41 means "captial A".

You don"t have sầu to lớn convert these values yourself. When you emang đến the string, it will show its actual value.

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The accolades are just a way to use a string value for a variable name, so$"foo" = 10; will mix the variable $foo lớn 10.

In your case, you got a script that"s messing with your globals.

";// = $GLOBALS<"yardspq"> = "value";var_dump($"x47x4cx4fx42x41x4cS");?>


Just replace all occurrences of xNN with chr(NN). For example:

$source = file_get_contents("obfuscated_source.php");if (preg_match_all("/\x(..)/", $source, $matches)) { for ($i = 0, $len = count($matches<0>); $i


Simply make it print out the plain strings, like:

To me, it resulted in:

$GLOBALS<"yardspq">="value";See it working...


I don"t think there is any script that "clean" an obfuscated code.

For your commnent, that line is "equal" to lớn something like

$array<"key"> = "value";
I would use PHPhường de-obfuscators (reverse PHPhường. encoding processors)...

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Searching for "PHP.. deobfuscator" you may find many, the danh mục grows as it is becoming comtháng khổng lồ find such in injected files from hacked websites.

Such injections are usually mass processed, so it may be possible to lớn find solutions by experts for most cases.

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