Absolute Path - Đường dẫn tuyệt đối

An absolute path or full path is a quality location of a file or directory name within a computer or filesystem, & usually starts with the root directory or drive letter. Directories and subdirectories listed in a path are usually separated by a slash /.

Example: /Users/Matt/www/blog/images/icecream.jpg

To find the absolute path of a page, copy the text below into a new text file, save the tệp tin as path.php. Then xuất hiện it in a website browser (for example,

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See also: Relative Path

External links: Wikipedia: Path (computing)

Absolute URI

A full URI.

Máy công ty Apache

Apache is short for Apache HTTP server Project, a robust, commercial-grade, featureful, & freely-available xuất hiện source HTTP Web vps software produced by the Apache Software Foundation. It is the most commonly used web hệ thống on the internet, và is available on many platforms, including Windows, Unix/Linux, & Mac OS X. Apache serves as a great foundation for publishing sites.

Mảng - Array

An array is one of the basic data structures used in computer programming. An array contains a danh sách (or vector) of items such as numeric or string values. Arrays allow programmers to randomly access data. Data can be stored in either one-dimensional or multi-dimensional arrays.

A one-dimension array seven (7) elements would be:

The Template Tag wp_list_categories() uses a one-dimensional array for the "exclude" parameter.

An example of two-dimensional array, 7 by 3 elements in size, would be:

External links: Array Programming at Wikipedia, Array at

Bảng mã ASCII

ASCII is short for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Pronounced as "ask ee", it is a standard phối of codes used khổng lồ represent numbers, letters, symbols, và punctuation marks.

External links: ASCII at Wikipedia (with character phối table)


A format for syndicating content on news-like sites, viewable by Atom-aware programs called news readers or aggregators.

See also: news reader, RSS, RDF

External links: Atom (standard) at Wikipedia

Avatar - Hình đại diện

An avatar is a graphic image or picture that represents a user.

External links: Avatar (computing) at Wikipedia

Related article: Using Gravatars

See also: gravatar

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Binaries refer khổng lồ compiled computer programs, or executables. Many mở cửa source projects, which can be re-compiled from source code, offer pre-compiled binaries for the most popular platforms và operating systems.


A blog, or weblog, is an online journal, diary, or serial published by a person or group of people.

Blogs are typically used by individuals or peer groups, but are occasionally used by companies or organizations as well. In the corporate arena, the only adopters of the blog format so far have tended lớn be design firms, web truyền thông companies, và other "bleeding edge" tech firms.

Blogs often contain public as well as private content. Depending on the functionality of the CMS software that is used, some authors may restrict access — through the use of accounts or passwords — to content that is too personal khổng lồ be published publicly.


Blogging is the act of writing in one"s blog. Lớn blog something is khổng lồ write about something in one"s blog. This sometimes involves linking to something the tác giả finds interesting on the internet.

See also: blogosphere, blogroll


The blogosphere is the subset of mạng internet web sites which are, or relate to, blogs.

See also: blog, blogroll


A blogroll is a các mục of liên kết to various blogs or news sites. Often a blogroll is "rolled" by a service which tracks updates (using feeds) lớn each site in the list, and provides the list in a khung which aggregates update information.

See also: blog, blogosphere, feed, news reader

External links: News aggregator at Wikipedia


A bookmarklet (or favelet) is a "faux" bookmark containing scripting code, usually written in JavaScript, that allows the user lớn perform a function.


See also: blog


A Variable or expression which evaluates to lớn either true or false.

External links: PHP Boolean data type

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Category - chuyên mục

Each post in is filed under a category. Thoughtful categorization allows posts to lớn be grouped with others of similar content and aids in the navigation of a site. Please note, the post category should not be confused with the links Categories used to classify and manage Links.

Ngôn ngữ CGI

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a specification for server-side communication scripts designed lớn transfer information between a web server and a web-client (browser). Typically, HTML pages that collect data via forms use CGI programming to process the form data once that data is submitted by the client.

Character Entity

A character entity is a method used to display special characters normally reserved for use in HTML. For example, the less than (greater than (>) are used as part the HTML tag structure, so both symbols are reserved for that use. But, if you need khổng lồ display those symbols on your site, you can use character entities. For example:

use   for the less than (use >  for the greater than (>) symbol

Related articles: Fun Character Entities

Character set

A character set is a collection of symbols (letters, numbers, punctuation, & special characters), when used together, represent meaningful words in a language. Computers use an encoding scheme so members of a character mix are stored with a numeric value (e.g. 0=A, 1=B, 2=C, 3=D). In addition, a collation determines the order (i.e alphabetic) lớn use when sorting the character set. By default, uses the Unicode UTF-8 (utf8) character phối for the MySQL database tables created during the installation process. Beginning with Version 2.2, the database character phối (and collation) is defined in the wp-config.php file. Also note, the character set used for syndication feeds is phối in the Administration > Settings > Reading panel.

Related articles: Editing wp-config.php, Collation, Converting Database Character Sets

External links: Character mix at Wikipedia, Unicode at Wikipedia, UTF-8 at Wikipedia, Character sets & collation at MySQL


chmod is a Unix/Linux shell command used to change permissions on files. Its name is a contraction of "change mode."

Related articles: Changing tệp tin Permissions, UNIX Shell Skills, htaccess for subdirectories

Class - Lớp

Classes are groupings of CSS styles which can be applied lớn any HTML element.See also Wikipedia:Class#Computing.

Related articles: CSS, Blog Design và Layout


Collation refers to the order used lớn sort the letters, numbers, and symbols of a given character set. For example, because, by default, uses the UTF-8 (utf8) character set, and when the MySQL database tables are created during the installation process, MySQL assigns utf8_general_ci collation khổng lồ those table. Beginning with Version 2.2, the collation (and character set) used by is defined via the wp-config.php file.

Related articles: Editing wp-config.php, Character set, Converting Database Character Sets

External links: Collation at Wikipedia, Character phối at Wikipedia, UTF-8 at Wikipedia, Character sets và collation at MySQL


Comments are a feature of blogs which allow readers khổng lồ respond lớn posts. Typically readers simply provide their own thoughts regarding the nội dung of the post, but users may also provide link to other resources, generate discussion, or simply compliment the author for a well-written post.

Comments can be controlled and regulated through the use of filters for language & content, and often times can be queued for approval before they are visible on the web site. This is useful in dealing with bình luận spam.

Related articles: Comment-related plugins, Dealing with comment spam, plugins

See also: blog

External links: Hyperlink at Wikipedia


Content consists of text, images, or other information shared in posts. This is separate from the structural thiết kế of a web site, which provides a framework into which the nội dung is inserted, and the presentation of a site, which involves graphic design. A content Management System changes & updates content, rather than the structural or graphic design of a web site.

Content Management System

A Content Management System, or CMS, is software for facilitating the maintenance of content, but not design, on a website site. A blogging tool is an example of a content Management System.

See also: blog


cPanel is a popular web-based administration tool that many hosting providers provide to lớn allow users lớn configure their own accounts using an easy-to-use interface.

Related articles: Using cPanel, Adding New Themes in cPanel

External links: cPanel website


CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a W3C open standards programming language for specifying how a website page is presented. It allows website site designers to lớn create formatting and layout for a web site independently of its content.

Related articles: CSS, Blog Design and Layout

External links: CSS at W3C, mở cửa standards at Wikipedia,

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A database in computing terms is software used khổng lồ manage information in an organized fashion. uses the MySQL relational database management system for storing and retrieving the content of your blog, such as posts, comments, và so on.

Related Articles: Database Description, Backing Up Your Database,


Deprecated functions or template tags are no longer supported, và will soon be obsolete.


A developer, or dev, is a computer programmer who is active in creating, modifying, và updating a software product.

Related articles: Hacking, Plugin API


A DIV element in HTML marks a section of text. DIVs are used extensively in to lớn apply CSS stylings lớn particular blog elements.

Related articles: CSS, Blog Design & Layout


DOM (Document Object Model) is a standard, platform-independent interface that allows programmers khổng lồ dynamically access HTML and XML to lớn control the nội dung and structure of documents. DOM connects programming scripts to web pages.

External links: DOM at Wikipedia, DOM at


The draft post status is for posts which are saved, but as yet unpublished. A draft post can only be edited through the Administration Panel, Write Post SubPanel by users of equal or greater User level than the post"s author.

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An excerpt is a condensed mô tả tìm kiếm of your blog post and refers to lớn the summary entered in the Excerpt field of the Write Post SubPanel (see Advanced Editing). The excerpt is used khổng lồ describe your post in RSS feeds and is typically used in displaying tìm kiếm results. The excerpt is sometimes used in displaying the Archives and Category views of your posts. The Template Tag the_excerpt() can be used to lớn access the contents of this field.

An excerpt should not be confused with the teaser which refers to the first 55 words of the post"s content. When typing a long post you can insert the Quicktag after a few sentences khổng lồ act as a cut-off point. When the post is displayed, the teaser, followed by a hyperlink (such as Read the rest of this entry...), are displayed. Your visitor can then click on that liên kết to see the full version of your post. The Template Tag the_content() can be used khổng lồ display the teaser.

Related articles: Customizing the Read More.

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A feed is a function of special software that allows "Feedreaders" lớn access a site automatically looking for new nội dung and then posting the information about new nội dung and updates khổng lồ another site. This provides a way for users lớn keep up with the latest và hottest information posted on different blogging sites. Some Feeds include RSS (alternately defined as "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication"), Atom or RDF files. Dave Shea, author of the web design weblog Mezzoblue has written a comprehensive summary of feeds. Feeds generally are based on XML technology.


FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is rather predictably, a client-server protocol for transferring files. It is one way to download files, và the most common way to lớn upload files lớn a server.

An FTP client is a program which can download files from, or upload files to, an FTP server.

You may need to use an FTP client to lớn upload your files lớn your web server, particularly if you use a hosting provider.

Related articles: FTP Clients, Uploading lớn a remote host, Using FileZilla

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As defined by Andy Skelton, Gallery, introduced with 2.5, is specifically an exposition of images attached khổng lồ a post. In that same vein, an upload is "attached to a post" when you upload it while editing a post.

In the uploader there is a "Gallery" tab that shows all of the uploads attached to lớn the post you are editing. When you have more than one attachment in a post, you should see at the bottom of the Gallery tab a button marked "Insert gallery into post". That button inserts a shortcode "" into the post. replaces that shortcode with an exposition of all images attached to lớn that post. Non-image file types are excluded from the gallery.

Notes:If you don"t see the "Insert galley into post" button, it may be because you have not attached two images khổng lồ the post.

The pretty URLs for attachments are made only after you have published the post and should be composed as the post permalink plus the attachment slug.


GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time, is the time zone from which all other time zones are measured. Local times around the globe are calculated according khổng lồ their offset from the time in Greenwich, England.

External links: Greenwich Mean Time at Wikipedia, Time zone at Wikipedia


A gravatar is a globally recognized avatar (a graphic image or picture that represents a user). Typically a user"s gravatar is associated with their thư điện tử address, và using a service such as, a blog owner lớn can configure their blog so that a user"s gravatar is displayed along with their comments

External links: Gravatar at Wikipedia

See also: avatar

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A hack is a bit of code written khổng lồ customize or extend the functionality of a software product. Older versions of used a hack-based extension system, but versions 1.2 & above of use a plugin API with hooks for extensions.

Related articles: Changelog, Hacking, Plugin API

See also: hacking, plugin

External links: open source at Wikipedia


Hacking is the process of writing code for, or contributing code to, a piece of software.

There is some controversy surrounding the meaning of this term. It began as a benign term meaning "to exercise proficiency" or "to alter or improve," but the popular media have since construed it to lớn mean "to break into a computer system, usually with malicious intent." Many in the computer industry have recently begun trying to lớn "take back" the word from its popular mutation, & many have adopted the term cracking to replace the malicious interpretation. Because of the desire lớn reclaim the word, you will often find the term used in conjunction with mở cửa source projects, intended in its benign form. For more information about the history of the term, please see Wikipedia"s article on Hacker.

Related articles: Hacking, Plugins

See also: hack

Hosting provider

A hosting provider is a company or organization which provides, usually for a fee, infrastructure for making information accessible via the web. This involves the use of a web vps (including web server software such as Apache), & may involve one or more related technologies, such as FTP, PHP, MySQL, & operating system software such as Linux or Unix.

Related articles: Hosting


A .htaccess tệp tin is a granular configuration file for the Apache web hệ thống software, used lớn set or alter the server"s configuration settings for the directory in which it is present, and/or its child directories. uses an .htaccess tệp tin in conjunction with the mod_rewrite Apache module khổng lồ produce permalinks.

Note that .htaccess is a hidden file in Unix/Linux (as dictated by the preceding period "."), meaning it may not be visible using the default settings of some FTP clients.

See also: chmod

Related articles: htaccess for subdirectories, Using Permalinks, UNIX Shell Skills, Changing tệp tin Permissions


HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the W3C standard language with which all website pages are built. It is the predecessor khổng lồ XHTML, but HTML is often still used to describe either one. It is often used in conjunction with CSS and/or JavaScript. strives to conform khổng lồ the XHTML standard.

External links: HTML 4.01 Specification, W3C org

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IP address

An IP address is a unique number (e.g. assigned khổng lồ a computer (or other internet-capable information appliance, such as a network printer) to lớn enable it khổng lồ communicate with other devices using the internet Protocol. It is a computer"s identity on the internet, & every computer connected khổng lồ the mạng internet is assigned at least one — although the methods of assigning these addresses, and the permanence và duration of their assignment, differ according khổng lồ the use of the computer và the circumstances of its internet use.

Every web vps is assigned an IP address as well, but often times hosting providers will assign multiple IP addresses to lớn one computer, in the event that multiple web sites reside on the same physical server. This is the case with most inexpensive "managed" or "group" hosting packages.

Domain names were created khổng lồ provide an easier means of accessing mạng internet resources than IP addresses, which are cumbersome khổng lồ type & difficult lớn remember. Every domain name name has at least one corresponding IP address, but only a small number of IP addresses have a tên miền name associated with them, since only computers that are web servers require tên miền names. The domain Name System (DNS) is what maps domain name names lớn IP addresses.

External links: domain names at Wikipedia, domain Name System (DNS) at Wikipedia


ISAPI (Internet vps Application Programming Interface) is a mix of programming standards designed khổng lồ allow programmers to lớn quickly and easily develop efficient Web-based applications. Developed by Process Software & Microsoft Corporation, ISAPI is intended to lớn replace CGI programs.

External links: ISAPI at Wikipedia

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Developed by Netscape và Sun, JavaScript is a client-side programming or scripting language. It"s used lớn create interactive and dymanic effects on a web page, as well as handle and manipulate size data. JavaScript is a separate language from Java. All modern browsers tư vấn JavaScript,with the exception of most text based browsers, e.g., w3m.Some excellent JavaScript references and tutorials can be found at JavaScript Kit.

See also: HTML, XHTML

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Linux is an xuất hiện source computer operating system, created by Linus Torvalds, similar in style to Unix. It is popular in website server and other high-performance computing environments, and has recently begun khổng lồ gain popularity in workstation environments as well.

External links: Linux at Shortopedia

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Mac OS X

Mac OS X is an operating system specifically for modern Macintosh computers. The operating system was first commercially released in 2001. It consists of two main parts: Darwin, an xuất hiện source Unix-like environment which is based on the BSD source tree & the Mach microkernel, adapted và further developed by táo bị cắn Computer with involvement from independent developers; & a proprietary GUI named Aqua, developed by Apple.

Related articles: UNIX Shell Skills


Meta has a number of meanings, but generally means information about. In, meta usually refers khổng lồ administrative type information. As described in Meta Tags in, meta is the HTML tag used to lớn describe and define a website page to lớn the outside world (search engines). In the article Post Meta Data, meta refers khổng lồ information associated with each post, such as the author"s name and the date posted. Meta Rules define the general protocol lớn follow in using the Also, many based sites offer a Meta section, usually found in the sidebar, with links to login or register at that site. Finally, Meta is a MediaWiki namespace that refers to administrative functions within

External links: Wikipedia"s Article on Meta


Moblogging is the act of posting to one"s blog via a điện thoại device, e.g. Smartphone phone, smartphone, or Blackberry. It is pronounced as mōbə-logging or mōb-logging, or sometimes as mŏb-logging in reference to smart mobs.

Xem thêm: Con Thành Công Hay Thất Bại Khi Cha Mẹ Áp Đặt Con Cái, Đừng Áp Đặt Con Theo Ý Muốn Của Mình


mod_rewrite is an extension module of the Apache web hệ thống software which allows for "rewriting" of URLs on-the-fly. Rewrite rules use regular expressions lớn parse the requested URL from the client, và translate it into a different URL before interpretation. uses mod_rewrite for its permalink structure, which is optional functionality.

Related articles: Using Permalinks


MySQL is a popular mở cửa source SQL (Structured Query Language) database implementation, available for many platforms, including Windows, Unix/Linux & Mac OS X. requires a MySQL database to lớn store all blog information, including posts, comments, metadata, and other information.

Related articles: Post Meta Data Section

External links: MySQL AB

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News reader

A news aggregator or news reader is a computer program which tracks syndicated information feeds, via RSS, RDF, or Atom. Most news aggregators allow one to "subscribe" lớn a feed, và automatically keep track of the articles one has read, similar to lớn an email client tracking read emails.

Many blogs make their content available in feed khung for the convenience of readers using news aggregators. can generate feeds in RSS and/or Atom formats.

External links: News aggregator at Wikipedia

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Open Source

Open source is simply programming code that can be read, viewed, modified, và distributed, by anyone who desires. is distributed under an open source GNU General Public License (GPL).

Related articles: GPL, License

External links: xuất hiện Source Initiative, xuất hiện Source at Wikipedia, Source Code at Wikipedia

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A Page is often used lớn present "static" information about yourself or your site. A good example of a Page is information you would place on an About Page. A Page should not be confused with the time-oriented objects called posts. Pages are typically "timeless" in nature và live "outside" your blog.

The word "page" has long been used to describe any HTML document on the web. In, however, "Page" refers khổng lồ a very specific feature first introduced in version 1.5.

Related articles: Pages, Write Page SubPanel


Perl is an acronym for Practical Extraction & Report Language, but it"s most commonly spelled as a proper name. It"s a very popular và powerful scripting language used for web applications, although its use is being largely replaced by PHP in the mainstream. One of its strengths lies in its speedy và effective use of regular expressions. Its unofficial motto is, "There"s More Than One Way To do It," or "TMTOWTDI," owing to lớn the extreme flexibility of the syntax. does not use Perl, and it is therefore not required.


A permalink is a URL at which a resource or article will be permanently stored. Many pages driven by content Management Systems contain excerpts of content which is frequently rotated, making linking lớn bits of information within them a trò chơi of chance. Permalinks allow users to bookmark full articles at a URL they know will never change, and will always present the same content.

Permalinks are optional in, but are highly recommended as they greatly increase the cleanliness of URL. uses the Apache module mod_rewrite lớn implement its permalink system.

Related articles: Using Permalinks

External links: URL at Wikipedia


Permissions are security settings restricting or allowing users khổng lồ perform certain functions. In the case of files on Unix or Linux systems, there are three types of permissions: read, write, and execute. In the case of MySQL databases, there are many more: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc. — although MySQL refers to lớn them as privileges.

Related articles: Changing file Permissions


PHP is a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a popular server-side scripting language designed specifically for integration with HTML, và is used (often in conjunction with MySQL) in nội dung Management Systems và other website applications. It is available on many platforms, including Windows, Unix/Linux và Mac OS X, and is mở cửa source software. is written using PHP and requires it for operation.

Related articles: Hacking

External links: PHP Website, PHP for Designers — by lead developer Matthew Mullenweg, PHP at OnLAMP


phpMyAdmin is a popular, powerful web-based interface for administering MySQL databases. It is xuất hiện source, written in PHP, and is among the better tools available for working with MySQL databases.

Related articles: phpMyAdmin

External links: phpMyAdmin website site


Within the interface, "ping" is sometimes used lớn refer khổng lồ Pingbacks and Trackbacks.

In general computer terms, "ping" is a common utility used in a TCP/IP environment to lớn determine if a given IP Address exists or is reachable. Typically, Ping is used khổng lồ diagnose a network connection problem. Many times you will be asked, "Can you ping that address?". That means, does the Ping utility return a success message trying khổng lồ reach the "problem" IP Address?

External links: Ping at Wikipedia


Pingback lets you notify the author of an article if you links to his article (article on a blog, of course). If the liên kết you include in an article you write on a blog lead lớn a blog which is pingback-enabled, then the author of that blog gets a notification in the form of a pingback that you linked lớn his article.

If you"re feeling really geeky you may want to check out the Pingback technical specification.

See also: trackback


A Plugin is a group of php functions that can extend the functionality present in a standard weblog. These functions may all be defined in one php file, or maybe spread among more than one file. Usually, a plugin is a php tệp tin that can be uploaded to lớn the "wp-content/plugins" directory on your webserver, where you have installed Once you have uploaded the plugin file, you should be able khổng lồ "turn it on" or Enable it from the "Plugins" page in the administration interface of your weblog. The source code contains hooks that can be used by plugins.

Related articles: Plugins

See also: hack, hacking


Within the context of the community, a port is a bit of code that has been rewritten to be compatible with For example, if someone wrote a plugin for MoveableType, users may want lớn find a port of that plugin for Port can also be used as a verb: to lớn rewrite a piece of software for a different platform/language.

External links: Porting at Wikipedia

Post Slug

A word or two describing an entry, for use in permalinks (replaces the %posttitle% field therein), especially useful if titles tend khổng lồ be long or they change frequently.

Post Status

The status of a post, as phối in the Administration Panel, Write Post SubPanel is either: Published (viewable by everyone), Draft (incomplete post viewable by anyone with proper user level), or Private (viewable only lớn you)

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Query string

A sequence of codes in a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that a website page uses to lớn determine what dynamic data khổng lồ display. The query string in a URI comes after an initial question mark, & may contain several parameters separated by ampersands. uses query strings to indicate criteria to tìm kiếm for specific posts or sets of posts in the database. The use of query strings is generally believed to impede the indexing of dynamic pages by tìm kiếm engines. For this reason, it is often desirable to use a method such as mod_rewrite khổng lồ reduce exposure of query strings to search engines & other site visitors.

Query Variable

A Variable passed through the query string. For example, in the query string ?category_name=tech&feed=atom, there are two query variables: category_name with a value of "tech", và feed with a value of "atom".


A Quicktag is a shortcut, or one-click button, that inserts HTML code into your posts. The (bold) and (stop bold) HTML tags are example of Quicktags. Some Quicktags, such as , insert HTML comment code that is used by plugins khổng lồ replace text or perform certain actions.

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Resource mô tả tìm kiếm Framework. A language used khổng lồ describe the locations of resources on the web. can produce output in RDF format that describes the locations of posts. Lượt thích RSS, RDF is used for content syndication.

Relative Path

A relative path is the location of a tệp tin in relation to the current working directory and does not begin with a slash (/). This is different than an absolute path which gives an exact location.

See also: Absolute Path

External links: Path_Computing at Wikipedia

Relative URI

A relative URI (sometimes called a relative link) is a partial URI that is interpreted (resolved) relative to a base URI.

On the World Wide Web, relative URIs come in two forms:

A relative URI with an absolute path is interpreted relative khổng lồ the tên miền root:

/images/icecream.jpg → http://domain.example/images/icecream.jpgA relative URI with a relative path is interpreted relative to the URL of the current document. E.g., on the website page http://domain.example/icecream/chocolate.html,

strawberry.html → http://domain.example/icecream/strawberry.htmlWikipedia: URI Resolution


Recordset refers lớn the group of records or result returned from a database query.

See also MySQL, $wpdb database class


"Really Simple Syndication": a format for syndicating many types of content, including blog entries, torrent files, đoạn phim clips on news-like sites; specifically frequently updated content on a web site, và is also known as a type of "feed" or "aggregator". An RSS feed can contain a summary of content or the full text, và makes it easier for people lớn keep up to lớn date with sites they like in an automated manner (much lượt thích e-mail).

The content of the feed can be read by using software called an RSS or Feed reader. Feed readers display hyperlinks, và include other metadata (information about information) that helps you decide whether they want khổng lồ read more, follow a link, or move on.

Wikipedia’s danh mục of feed aggregators is fairly up-to-date và most are available for free.

The original intent of RSS is to make information come lớn you (via the feed reader) instead of you going out to lớn look for it (via the Web).

Programs called news aggregators permit users to lớn view many feeds at once, providing "push" content constantly. See Category:Feeds for resources about bringing RSS feeds into See also RDF Site Summary.


Web Robots are programs which traverse the website automatically. They are also called website Wanderers, web Crawlers, and Spiders. Search Engines are the main web Robots. Some web Robots look for a tệp tin named robots.txt on your web vps to see what và where they should look for content and files on your web server. Some website Robots ignore this file.

See also:

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A shell is a program which interacts directly with an operating system such as MS-DOS, Unix/Linux, Mac OS X, or others — but it is most commonly associated with Unices. It is often referred lớn as a "console" or "command line", because it is controlled using typed commands rather than mouse or graphical interface input.

Most often, when interacting with a remote computer (as one would when configuring, an additional "faux" shell is involved called SSH.

Some popular shell programs are:


The sidebar, sometimes called the menu, is a narrow vertical column often jam-packed with lots of information about a website. Found on most sites, the sidebar is usually placed on the right or left-hand side of the web page, though in some cases, a site will feature two sidebars, one on each side of the main nội dung where your posts are found. A sidebar is also referred khổng lồ as a Theme Template file & is typically called sidebar.php.

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A slug is a few words that describe a post or a page. Slugs are usually a URL friendly version of the post title (which has been automatically generated by, but a slug can be anything you like. Slugs are meant khổng lồ be used with permalinks as they help describe what the content at the URL is.

Example post permalink:

The slug for that post is "".


Smileys (also called Smilies or Emoticons) are stylized representations of a human face, usually displayed as yellow buttons with two dots for the eyes, và a half mouth. Smileys are often used in Plugins. By default, automatically converts text smileys to graphic images. When you type ;-) in your post you see

when you preview or publish your post.

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Once upon a time, SPAM was an animal by-product that came in a can và was fodder for many Monty Python sketches, but since the world-wide adoption of the internet as an integral part of daily life, Spam has become synonymous with what is wrong with the internet. Spam, in general terms, is an email or other forms of unsolicited advertising. Spam is very easy to lớn spread throughout the internet, & works on the principle that if you send out thousands, or hundreds of thousands of unsolicited advertisements, scams, or other questionable methods of making money, that you only need a very small percentage of people to be fooled & you will make lots of money.

Common spam these days comes from online gambling sites and those trying lớn sell drugs for "male enhancement." Lately, web logs, or blogs, as we điện thoại tư vấn them, have been targeted by spammers khổng lồ try to lớn increase their site ratings in the search engines. Spammers use various methods to distribute their electronic junk mail, và employ bots, or computer programs khổng lồ quickly & easily send thư điện tử or comments to lớn millions of addresses and IPs all over the world.

Spammers can be difficult lớn track down as they often hijack peoples" e-mail and IP addresses. When this happens, it may appear a friend sent you the spam, but in fact, the spammer"s bot grabbed your friend"s email address and used it lớn hide the true source of the spam. developers và community members are constantly working on more và better ways khổng lồ combat these annoying spammers as they clog the mạng internet with their garbage. You can help by offering your talents, ideas, suggestions, or just by being vigilant & installing any of the currently-available spam combating tools.

External links: SPAM at Wikipedia


SSH stands for Secure Shell. It is a communication protocol for connecting lớn remote computers over TCP/IP. Various authentication methods can be used which make SSH more secure than Telnet.


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer & is the predecessor lớn Transport Layer Security. These are cryptographic protocols for secure communications across an unsecured network lượt thích the Internet. SSL at Wikipedia


Subversion is an open-source version control software tool used by the Developers khổng lồ maintain & track the changes and updates khổng lồ the various versions.

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External links: Subversion access at, Subversion book at


See RSS: Really Simple Syndication

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A tag is a từ khoá which describes all or part of a Post. Think of it like a Category, but smaller in scope. A post may have several tags, many of which relate khổng lồ it only peripherally. Lượt thích Categories, Tags are usually linked to lớn a page which shows all posts having the same tag. Unlike Categories, Tags can be created on-the-fly, by simply typing them into the tag field.

Tags can also be displayed in "clouds" which show large numbers of Tags in various sizes, colors, etc. This allows for a sort of total perspective on the blog, allowing people lớn see the sort of things your blog is about most.

Many people confuse Tags và Categories, but the difference is easy: Categories generally don"t change often, while your Tags usually change with every Post.


A tagline is a catchy phrase that describes the character or the attributes of the blog in a brief, concise manner. Think of it as the slogan, or catchline for a weblog.

Task Based Documentation

Task based, or task oriented documentation is writing that takes you through a process/task step-by-step; it is succinct, lacks jargon, is easily understood, & structured entirely around performing specific tasks.

To order to get to Z, you need to:Step xStep yStep z

Keep in mind that people who need to know how to perform a task usually need answers quick!


Telnet is a communications protocol used lớn establish a connection to another computer. Telnet runs on top of TCP/IP and is typically used in conjuction with terminal emulation software to login to lớn remote computers. Telnet is inherently insecure & has largely been replaced by SSH

External links: Telnet at Wikipedia

Text editor

A text editor is a program which edits files in plain text format, as compared lớn binary format. Using a non-text based word processing program (e.g. Using Microsoft Word to edit PHP scripts) can cause major problems in your code. This is because non-text based word processing programs insert extra formatting into text files, và can corrupt the files when they need lớn be interpreted by the interpreter. An editor lượt thích Notepad does not insert any extra formatting.

Edit Files with a text only editor.

Some examples of file formats which need lớn be edited as plain text:

Rich Text Format documents

Some examples of text editor programs:

Some examples of non-plain text formats that require special software for editing:

Microsoft Word documents Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

Some examples of software which can edit text, but which are NOT regarded as basic text editors và NOT recommended for use on files:

Microsoft Word Microsoft Works Microsoft Excel Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Dreamweaver


A theme is a collection of files that work together lớn produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a weblog. A theme modifies the way the weblog is displayed, without modifying the underlying software. Essentially, the theme system is a way lớn skin your weblog.

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Trackback helps you to lớn notify another author that you wrote something related lớn what he had written on his blog, even if you don"t have an explicit liên kết to his article. This improves the chances of the other tác giả sitting up và noticing that you gave him credit for something, or that you improved upon something he wrote, or something similar. With pingback and trackback, blogs are interconnected. Think of them as the equivalents of acknowledgements & references at the kết thúc of an academic paper, or a chapter in a textbook.

See also: PingBack.

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A widely supported & preferred character encoding system.

For a computer to display letters (or any text characters), it needs khổng lồ enumerate them - create an index of characters it knows how khổng lồ display. These indexes are known as character sets. This is invaluable for users hosting in a non-English language.

The most widely used collections of these character sets are the iso-8859 with iso-8859-1 & iso-8859-15 (which contains the euro sign and some characters used in Dutch, French, Czech và Slovak) being the most common; they are also known as Latin1 & Latin9. These character sets use 8 bits (a single byte) for each character, allowing for 255 different characters (256, counting null). However, when considering that Latin-based languages aren"t the only ones in the world (think Japanese or Hebrew), 255 characters aren"t nearly enough.

There is a wide index of characters known as Unicode. Unicode has so many characters that sometimes more than 16 bits (2 bytes!) are required khổng lồ represent them. Furthermore, the first 127 characters of Unicode are the same as the first 127 of the most widely used character phối - iso-8859-1. For this purpose, UTF, the Unicode Translation Format, was created. UTF uses different numbers of bits for characters, & allows for the entire range of Unicode lớn be used. What you should probably know is:

UTF-8 is an 8-bit-minimum type of UTF. There are also UTF-16 and UTF-32. If your document is in a Latin-based encoding, you probably don"t need to change anything about it for it to be UTF. A single UTF document can be in various languages with no need khổng lồ switch encodings halfway through.

External links: Joel Spolsky on Unicode


Unix, or UNIX, is a computer operating system developed at AT&T"s Bell Laboratories starting back in 1969. Initially designed with the objective of creating an OS written in a high màn chơi language rather than assembly, a majority of website servers currently run on different "flavors" of this high-performance OS, or on Linux, developed as a Unix-like operating system.

See also: UNIX Shell Skills, Mac OS X

Unix Time

Unix Time, or a timestamp, is a method of tracking time by determining the approximate number of seconds from a particular event. That sự kiện is called an Epoch. Since this time format is only off by a few seconds each century, it is usually considered good enough for most applications.

Unix time is (currently) a ten digit number, và looks lượt thích this lượt thích 1229362315. often uses a Unix timestamp internally to lớn track time. The human readable times and dates you see are converted from Unix Time or from a MySQL DATETIME field.

External Links: Unix Time, MySQL DATETIME


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Web server

A web server is a computer containing software for, & connected to lớn infrastructure for, hosting, or serving, website sites written in HTML. The most common web server software on the internet is Apache, which is frequently used in conjunction with PHP, Perl, and other scripting languages.

It is possible lớn create one"s own web server, hosted on any tốc độ of mạng internet connection, but many people choose khổng lồ purchase packages from hosting providers, who have the capacity và facilities to lớn provide adequate bandwidth, uptime, hardware, & maintenance for frequently-visited website sites.

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The XHTML Friends Network. A decentralised project to lớn have inter-blog liên kết that represent relationships between bloggers. XFN link resemble Photo Matt.


XHTML, or Extensible HyperText Markup Language, is the successor lớn HTML as the W3C standard language with which all web pages are created. It is often used in conjunction with CSS và JavaScript. strives to conform lớn the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard.

External links: XHTML 1.0 Specification (Second Edition), XHTML 1.1 Specification


XML, or Extensible Markup Language, is written in Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) and essentially allows you khổng lồ define your own markup language. XML is extremely useful in describing, sharing, & transmitting data across the Internet. Typically used in conjunction with HTML, XML defines data và HTML displays that data.

External links: Extensible Markup Language (XML) Resources at W3C org XML 4.0 FAQ, Overview of SGML Resources at W3C org


XML-RPC is Extensible Markup Language-Remote Procedure Call. A Remote Procedure điện thoại tư vấn (RPC) allows you lớn a hotline (or request) another application and expect that application to lớn honor the request (answer the call). So, XML-RPC allows a user (or developer) khổng lồ send a request, formatted in XML, to an external application.

Related articles: XML-RPC Support

External links: Dave Winer"s XML-RPC for Newbies, XML-RPC trang chủ Page, Apache XML-RPC, XML-RPC for PHP Homepage, XML-RPC at Wikipedia

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