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Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in...

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I"m getting the above sầu error on the following line.

if (0 >= count($this->xprop))Can someone help me understvà this? I"m fairly new lớn PHP. The issue is obviously with $this->xprop not being an array. It wasn"t an issue before I upgraded khổng lồ PHP 7.2. How can I get around this? Are code with warnings still being executed or is this going lớn cause execution khổng lồ fail?

I"ve sầu tried to follow the second answer on here with no luông xã. The accepted answer is not acceptable to lớn me as it is more of a haông xã.

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asked Aug 21 "18 at 23:22

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PHPhường 7.2 throws an error when trying to count, or get the form size of, a variable that isn"t phối. In previous versions, authors would shortcut checking lớn see if the variable was phối by just counting (or sizeof"ing) it, và getting "0" on an unphối variable.

The solution is to kiểm tra khổng lồ see if it"s phối before counting it:

if (isset($this->xprop) &và count($this->xprop) == 0)Your example above sầu is actually negative xúc tích, and is a pretty strange way of stating "if the form size of this array is zero, or less than zero" (which is impossible). So, following your example above, the PHPhường. 7.2 compliant version would be khổng lồ use empty:

if (empty($this->xprop))... because a variable can be phối ($xprop = array()) but still be empty.

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Sorry if this is a bit unclear; it"s late here!


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answered Aug 22 "18 at 2:31

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the problem is caused because of the PHPhường version.

In PHPhường 7.2 , the count() method does not tư vấn null as argument .

Example :

in PHP. 5.6.x :

emang lại count(null); // this show 0 in PHPhường 7.2.x :

emang lại count(null); // count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable So you should verify if the variable is not null

answered Aquảng cáo 16 "19 at 16:16

Mohammed Yassine CHABLIMohammed Yassine CHABLI
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if you are using php7.3 or above you can use is_countable before the count


answered Aug 16 "19 at 8:13

Gehad MohamedGehad Mohamed
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There are some ways, but I lượt thích the new ??-operator, because it is short:

$null = null;emang lại count($null); // Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countableemang lại is_countable($null) ? count($null) : 0; // => 0emang đến count((array)$null); // => 0emang đến count($null ?? <>); // => 0
answered Feb 24 "trăng tròn at 11:30


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