var traingIds = "$triningIdArray"; // $triningIdArray this value getting from server alert(traingIds) // alerts <1,2>var type = typeof(traingIds ) alert(type) // // alerts Stringnow i want to lớn convert this to array so that i can iterate

i tried

var trainindIdArray = traingIds.split(",");$.each(trainindIdArray, function(index, value) alert(index + ": " + value); // alerts 0:<1 , & 1:2>);how to resolve sầu this?

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Assuming, as seems to be the case, $triningIdArray is a server-side placeholder that is replaced with JS array-literal syntax, just thua thảm the quotes. So:

var traingIds = $triningIdArray;not

var traingIds = "$triningIdArray";


Since array literal notation is still valid JSON, you can use JSON.parse() to convert that string into an array, & from there, use it"s values.

var chạy thử = "<1,2>";parsedTest = JSON.parse(test); //an array <1,2>//access lượt thích & arrayconsole.log(parsedTest<0>); //1console.log(parsedTest<1>); //2



var trainindIdArray = traingIds.split(",");


var trainindIdArray = traingIds.replace("<","").replace(">","").split(",");

That will basically remove < and > & then split the string

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check this out :)

var traingIds = "<1,2>"; // $triningIdArray this value getting from hệ thống alert(traingIds); // alerts <1,2>var type = typeof(traingIds);alert(type); // // alerts String//remove sầu square bracketstraingIds = traingIds.replace("<","");traingIds = traingIds.replace(">","");alert(traingIds); // alerts 1,2 var trainindIdArray = traingIds.split(",");​for(i = 0; i


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