Creating an xml sitemap with php version 4.11.0 is available. The release includes new features such as PHPhường 8 and Symfony 5 tư vấn, dynamic XML sitemaps, a simplified way khổng lồ customize the baông xã end, a new "figure" insert tag, custom regular expressions in the DCA and a lot more.

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Supporting PHP 8 was more complicated than expected, since quite a few engine warnings were reclassified in PHP.. 8 (see & suddenly messages that were previously ignored as E_NOTICE now prevented code execution as E_WARNING. In particular, accessing undefined array properties in conjunction with the DCA was a major problem - the initial pull request for this contained over 1,800 changes in over 100 files alone.

Due to lớn the large number of changes và the expected side effects, we decided not to lớn include PHPhường 8 support in 4.9 LTS as originally planned, but as a new feature in 4.11.

chú ý on 4.9 LTS

Since 4.9 LTS will be maintained until February 2024, but there will not be an active version of PHPhường 7 after the end of 2022, it was clear khổng lồ us that 4.9 LTS must also run with PHPhường 8. We have sầu therefore modified the error reporting in 4.9.10 so that E_WARNINGs are automatically ignored if the installation runs with PHP 8. If you have customized in your phầm mềm, you need lớn apply this change lớn run 4.9 with PHPhường 8.

Resources: #2568, #2594, #2599, #2606, #2679

Dynamic XML sitemaps

Dynamic sitemaps are no longer written as static files on the hệ thống, but generated depending on the context when the /sitebản đồ.xml route is called and stored in the HTTP. cađậy. This way, protected pages can be found by the crawler và included in the search index, too.

The output can be customized using the new obatambeienwasirherbal.comCoreEvents::SITEMAPhường. event.

Resources: #2295

Baông chồng over customization

To make it easier to lớn customize the back kết thúc, some configuration options have been added:

# config/ backend: attributes: app-name: Foobar app-version: 1.2.3 badge_title: staging custom_css: - files/backend/custom.css custom_js: - files/backend/custom.js
The attributes will be added khổng lồ the toàn thân tag as data attributes. The badge title will be displayed in both the login screen & the baông xã kết thúc and it allows, for example, to lớn distinguish between staging và production environments.

Resources: #1999

Insert tag "figure"

In addition to the existing image and picture insert tags, 4.11 adds a figure insert tag, which uses the figure builder from the Image Studio. The three insert tags differ as follows:

image: outputs a single, non-responsive tagpicture: outputs a responsive sầu image, but does not take metadata inlớn accountfigure: outputs a element including all metadata

In addition, there is now a figure() method that can be used in custom templates.

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Resources: #2607, #1937

Copy pReviews URLs

A new button has been added to the pReviews bar, which allows you to copy the current URL without the /pReview.php fragment, in case you want to chia sẻ the URL or further process it.

Resources: #1301

Overwrite the page title in FAQs

Similar to lớn news và events, 4.11 allows overwriting the page title, mô tả tìm kiếm & robots settings per FAQ.

Resources: #1779

Edit Twig files in the baông xã end

Twig files such as the maintenance template can be customized in by creating a bundles/obatambeienwasirherbal.comCoreBundle/Error thư mục in the template editor và storing the service_unavailable.html.twig file there. Starting with 4.11, these Twig files can also be edited directly in the bachồng over.

Resources: #2051

Custom regular expressions

Under the key rgxp you can specify in the DCA which input is expected in a form field. In 4.11, the options httpurl và custom have sầu been added. The first one checks if the đầu vào is an absolute URL starting with http:// or https://, và the second one allows to lớn store a custom regular expression under the key customRgxp.

Resources: #2297, Docs

Default values for

When defining multiple image sizes in the phầm mềm configuration, it was previously impossible to avoid copying the same settings over & over again. Under the từ khóa _defaults:, you can now define default settings that apply to all image sizes.

# config/ image: sizes: _defaults: formats: jpg: resize_mode: crop large_photo: width: 1000 height: 500 medium_photo: width: 500 height: 250 small_box: width: 100 height: 100 resize_mode: box
Resources: #2243

And a lot more

An overview of further changes can be found in the changelog.

Symfony compatibility 4.11 is designed as a transitional version from Symfony 4.4 lớn Symfony 5 and is therefore compatible with both major versions of Symfony. Our goal is khổng lồ bring the LTS versions of both projects together, i.e. to lớn run 4.9 LTS with Symfony 4.4 LTS và 4.13 LTS with Symfony 5.4 LTS.