The standard term for a PHPhường configuration tệp tin is php.ini. However, uses the term "phprc" file instead. This acts the same way – only the name is different. In this article, only the term phprc is used.

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PHP Loaders are extensions khổng lồ PHP.. which load special types of PHPhường files that have sầu been encoded with an encoding hàng hóa such as ionCube Loader.

To activate the loader, you must add a line to lớn your phprc file.Below are link to pages that provide further instructions on installing & using the various PHP.. loaders:


PHP.. Extensions are libraries of pre-built code. They allow you lớn use specific functions already created khổng lồ simplify your code. The following is a current các mục of PHP Extensions:

Some extensions are already activated by mặc định (such as Phar). Others are not, but can be activated by adding a line lớn your phprc file.

Before adding an extension, make sure it"s not already activated by default. For example, the Phar extension is already activate with any version of PHP at If you then add the extension to lớn your phprc tệp tin, your site will thrown an error, so it"s important lớn only add an extension if needed.

You can view any currently active sầu extension by adding a phpinfo.php tệp tin lớn your site.

If an extension is already active sầu, you"ll see its corresponding bloông xã when visiting the phpinfo.php file. For example, this shows that the Phar extension is active sầu.


Step 1 — Create a phprc file

View the following articles for instructions on how lớn create a phprc file.

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If the tệp tin already exists, view the following articles for instructions on how lớn update it (depending on if you"re using an FTP client or SSH):

Step 2 —Load the extension

To load an extension, add the following line your phprc tệp tin (make sure to change extension_name lớn the actual extension.):

For example.

Step 3 — Kill off all running php processes

Make sure tokill running php processesto lớn ensure your new settings take effect.

Step 4 — Confirming your changes

After you"ve sầu edited the file và killed off all PHP.. processes, check to lớn confirm the extension has been enabled. You can bởi this by creating a phpinfo.php tệp tin. You should see the following:


If you do not see your changes have sầu updated, try killing off your PHPhường processes again:

Some extensions are not complied with PHP.. In these instances, you must tải về the extension và compile it manually.

Visit the following link for a list of available extensions:


If any installation requires subởi privileges, you must upgrade to lớn a Dedicated hệ thống.

If any installation requires you khổng lồ run phpize, just specify the full path to your desired version of PHP.. For example, for PHP 7.4 run the following:

$ /usr/local/php72/bin/phpize$ /usr/local/php73/bin/phpize$ /usr/local/php74/bin/phpize$ /usr/local/php80/bin/phpize
Starting with PHPhường. 7.2.11, is built into PHP. If you"re using this version or higher, you should no longer Call it from your phprc tệp tin.

Support for mcrypt has been removed starting with PHP. 7.2.0. Any scripts that depover on mcrypt will need to be updated lớn use OpenSSL or Sodium instead.

Support for the WebPhường. image format is available via GD, which is activated by default on servers.