Window Btoa() Method

I thought this will be an easy Google-tìm kiếm, but it seems that my technique is not as common as I thought.

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How can I encode a Base64 string in JavaScript, in order to lớn put it safely on the line with a GET parameter (my Base64 string contains a lot of /, + and =, and decode the exact same string in PHP.., in order to lớn store it in a database?

When I post the Base64 string without encoding, my PHPhường script does not accept it.

I found a solution for encoding and decoding the Base64 string in JavaScript, but not in the way it makes sense for me.

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So in javascript (updated with encoding URI):

var myStr = "I am the string to lớn encode";var token = encodeURIComponent(window.btoa(myStr));btoa example

You should be then able khổng lồ add that base64 encoded string to lớn your get request.

Then in PHP.., after you retrieve sầu the request:

base64_decode docs


In Javascript

var password ="xyz"window.btoa(password)In php

$password = urldecode(base64_decode($_POST<"password">));


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