Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố (or casually called Saigon) owns a huge collection of diverse BBQ restaurants, from Asian lớn Western-style, from authentic khổng lồ fusion taste.

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Photo by Gonzalo Guzman Flores / Unsplash

Local BBQ và beer culture is definitely a must-try when visiting Ho bỏ ra Minh City, despite the menus could originate from other countries, you could always taste a bit of urban spirit in these dishes. Being well known as one of the largest cities in Vietnam with high demand in the tourism industry, Ho bỏ ra Minh city (or casually called Saigon) owns a huge collection of diverse BBQ restaurants, from Asian to lớn Western-style, from authentic to fusion taste. This danh sách covers the đứng đầu 10 BBQ restaurants you vị not want khổng lồ miss.

Ụt Ụt


Outdoor space for a chill-out BBQ night. Photo by tiệm Ụt Ụt Facebook Page.

Ụt Ụt is a fusion American BBQ restaurant chain in Ho chi Minh City. “Ụt Ụt" mean “oink oink" in Vietnamese, a sound that is truly familiar with Vietnamese. And you guess correctly, delicious pork BBQ is one of the main features at this place. Ụt Ụt is one of the first fusion American BBQ restaurants in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, & its reputation certainly has been tested by time. You can find the restaurants in District 1 and District 2. The places are friendly, spacious with professional staff & packed with definitely great food.


Signature grilled ribs plate at Ụt Ụt BBQ. Photo by cửa hàng Ụt Ụt Facebook Page.

Speaking of food, “As the fireflies twinkled in the long grass and the coals grew dimmer, we were left with full bellies, greasy fingers và a universal sense that whatever we were doing was right. That we were winning.” - Ụt Ụt claims on its website; it"s definitely right for the mouth-watering dishes this place serves. Ụt Ụt is popular for grilled ribs and beer. Their signature is Cashew-smoked pork ribs - slow-cooked, succulent và saucy St Louis-cut ribs; considering Honey-grilled pineapple or Pink slaw for a side dish. They will help balance the flavor. Don"t forget lớn have yourself a glass of beer. At Ụt Ụt, the beer is called by chất lượng name such as “F*cking liar", “Holy Grail", “Short but Arrogant”, etc. They offer a variety of beer collections, from lager khổng lồ craft beer, cider, and ale. This place can satisfy you well for American BBQ & beer, may it be Vietnamese brands, imported or local crafted beer.


Opening hour: 11:00a.m - 11:00p.m

Price: 79,000 - 590,000VND ($3.50 - 26.00)

Check out Ụt Ụt’s menu

Au Lac vì Brazil


The meat is cooked and served in Rodízio style. Photo by Au Lac bởi Brazil Facebook Page.

Au Lac vị Brazil is the first authentic Churrascaria in Vietnam - a traditional Brazilian barbeque restaurant. At a Churrascaria, the meat is served in Rodízio style which is a combination of búp phê and a la carte. Professional meat cutters walk around & come directly khổng lồ each table, offering to lớn serve the meat from a large skewer. The customers can enjoy as much as they want. For this style of restaurant, you can choose 1 option in the “All you can eat" menu. The full Churrasco covers full options of meat cuts (sausage, beef, prawn, chicken, pork, etc), salad, side dishes và dessert. Rodizio offers limited meat cuts, salad, side dishes and dessert.


Carnival nhảy đầm at Au Lac bởi Brazil. Photo by Au Lac bởi vì Brazil Facebook Page.

The restaurant brings about Brazilian spirit with a dedicated setup, professional service and hot carnival nhảy at 7:00p.m every Friday (Pasteur restaurant) và Saturday (Phùng xung khắc Khoan restaurant). Au Lac do Brazil satisfies regulars with high-quality meat, impressive taste and well-trained staff. This place is one of the đứng đầu notch barbeque buffet restaurants in Ho đưa ra Minh City.


Opening hour:

11:00a.m - 2:00p.m5:00p.m - 9:00p.m


Full Churrasco menu: 790,000VND++ ($34.50++) for adults and 390,000VND++ ($17,00++) for kidsRodizio menu: 690,000VND++ ($30.00++) for adults and 320,000VND++ ($14,00++) for kidsA la carte menu: from 650,000VND++ ($28.50++)

Pachi Pachi


Meat with beautiful marbles at PachiPachi. Photo by Pachi Pachi Facebook Page.

Pachi Pachi is a Japanese BBQ restaurant. Focusing on dedication and aesthetics for each and every dish, Pachi Pachi opts for selective, high-quality ingredient sources, delicately prepared then carefully served for customers. You can either choose an A la carte menu or búp phê to fully enjoy. Beside grilled meat và seafood, the restaurant still serves Japanese traditional dishes, namely rice, soup, noodles, mix lunch và fried chicken. Coming to lớn Pachi Pachi, don"t forget khổng lồ order Spinach salad for a side dish. Spinach is fresh, sauce is rich & flavorful; this combination will help refresh your taste between 2 main dishes.


Cozy space at Pachi Pachi. Photo by Pachi Pachi Facebook Page.

In spite of being located in the heart of Ho đưa ra Minh City, Pachi Pachi is said khổng lồ be a hidden eatery with just a sign board in the front, small entrance và a simple setup inside. However, there is still enough room for every demand, from individual patronage to lớn group gatherings, from mutual space lớn private family room.

Address: 52 Mạc Đĩnh bỏ ra Street, Đa Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC (Get there)

Opening hour: 10:00a.m - 10:30p.m


Buffet: from 300,000VND ($13.00)A la carte: from 80,000VND ($3.50)

Phổ Đình - Uraetei BBQ Japan


Spacious room at Phổ Đình restaurants. Photo by Phổ Đình - Uraetei BBQ japan Facebook Page.

Phổ Đình - Uraetei BBQ japan was established in 2004, one of the first high-class Japanese BBQ restaurants in Ho chi Minh City. After many years, Phổ Đình has become a favorite place for BBQ lovers. The restaurants vày not only serve superb food, but also grow into a place where you can relax, enjoy with family và friends in a private, cozy setup.


Iberico Pork with beautiful marbles. Photo by Phổ Đình - Uraetei BBQ nhật bản Facebook Page.

The beef origin at Phổ Đình is certificated by Idaho State, USA with excellent quality. They prioritize strict quality control processes from cooking to lớn serving to lớn ensure safety và flavor. If you are a fan hâm mộ of natural flavor, you will love salt & pepper sauce, simple but enough khổng lồ enhance the meat"s taste. On the other hand, Uraetei sauce is really amazing for those who love savory BBQ.

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Address và Opening hour

11:00a.m - 9:00p.m

11:00a.m - 2:00p.m và 5:00p.m - 9:00p.m

Price: A la carte thực đơn from 150,000VND ($6.50)

Saigon Grill


An Asian BBQ restaurant. Photo by SaigonGrill Facebook Page.

Saigon Grill is a rooftop BBQ garden located in the center of Ho đưa ra Minh City. Asian BBQ style is featured at this restaurant. You can find plenty of meat and seafood choices which are well marinated & slowly grilled on charcoal; beef is one of the best sellers you should try at Saigon Grill. Besides the BBQ menu, they also serve a collection of Vietnamese local dishes, super flavorful and beautifully garnished.


City view by night at Saigon Grill. Photo by SaigonGrill Facebook Page.

Saigon Grill is famous for its stunning view. “Grill in sky, Saigon in eyes"; that"s what they hotline this place. Settled on a rooftop of the Royal Saigon building, Saigon Grill welcomes customers with an mở cửa space, gorgeous thiết lập and laid-back ambiance. You can admire a panorama view of Ho đưa ra Minh city right at your table while enjoying exquisite food.

Address: Rooftop, 91 Pasteur, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1, HCMC (Get there)

Opening hour: 4:00p.m - 11:00p.m

Price: from 100,000VND ($4.40)

5Ku Station


Popular BBQ place for both Vietnamese & expats. Photo by 5ku Station Facebook Page.

5ku Station is a typical spot for Vietnamese khổng lồ hang out after work which makes the place always packed. If you want somewhere with diverse dishes, a dynamic atmosphere và good location, 5ku Station can fit you well. The BBQ restaurant is a Vietnamese local “grill và beer" in which you can both enjoy delicious food và have fun khổng lồ the fullest with your friends.


Delicious BBQ dishes at 5ku Station. Photo by 5ku Station Facebook Page.

5ku Station impresses customers with an extensive menu, including not only standard meat & seafood but also special dishes, namely quail, chicken feet, frog, ostrich, snails, etc. You should at least try snails in Ho bỏ ra Minh city once, perfectly cooked with local herbs and seasoning.

Address và Opening hour

5:00p.m - 11:00p.m

11:00a.m - 9:00p.m

Price: from 140,000VND ($6.00)

Sườn Cây Nướng (grilled finger pork ribs) và Beer sử dụng Gòn


Delicious BBQ serve at Sườn cây nướng & Beer. Photo by biteallfood.

Sườn cây nướng và Beer is among the first lớn explore BBQ & Beer style in Ho đưa ra Minh City. A huge thực đơn is a plus at this restaurant chain, with more than 30 BBQ dishes, including meat và seafood, being carefully chosen from high-quality sources. You surely don’t want to miss Spicy grilled finger pork ribs, the signature you cannot find anywhere else. The finger ribs are well marinated in spicy sauce và a secret recipe made by 7 different types of vegetable which creates an umami flavor. Enjoying good food with a chill glass of draught beer undoubtedly makes a great experience for your trip.


Wide space with various seats, suitable for group or family gatherings. Photo by zingnews.vn

The restaurants are cautiously designed lớn bring about the most comfortable and easy BBQ space. You can enjoy your BBQ các buổi party in a wide area with spacious seats & intensive staff. Sườn cây nướng và Beer is a proper choice for both friend gathering and family dinner. You can easily find the restaurants by the address danh mục below:


Opening hour: 4:30p.m - 9:00p.m

Price: from 100,000 VND ($4.40)

K-Pub Korean BBQ


Eye-catching cài đặt at K-pub. Photo by K-Pub Facebook Page.

K-pub is a Korean street BBQ restaurant chain in Ho chi Minh City. The restaurants are spacious, modern và comfortable for group gatherings. You can either choose from a búp phê menu or A la carte menu. Unlike most BBQ restaurants in Ho chi Minh City, the feature at K-pub is pork, not beef.


Grilled pork at K-pub. Photo by K-Pub Facebook Page.

The pork meat is well marinated in sauce, then grilled carefully to have a juicy, tender and chewy meat. Wrapping meat in lettuce, with kimchi, sliced garlic, green chili và sauce, having a mouthful bite lớn fully enjoy the taste.

Address: visit K-pub website lớn locate the nearest restaurant.

Opening hour: 10:00a.m - 9:00p.m

Price: from 199,000VND ($8.80) for buffet

BBQ Plan-K


Fresh meat display counter at BBQ Plan-K. Photo by BBQ Plan-K Facebook Page.

BBQ Plan-K is a BBQ restaurant owned by a butchery và market chain - VinaFreshMeat so the meat is always consistently fresh and delicious. Different from most BBQ restaurants in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, at BBQ Plan-K, you can choose your favorite plates of fresh meat right at the display counter, then served & grilled at your table.


Excellent meat unique brings superb taste for every dish at BBQ Plan-K. Photo by BBQ Plan-K Facebook Page.

For panchan (Korean side dishes), you need to pay 70,000 - 80,000VND ($3.00 - 3.50)/pax for unlimited refills, plus a bottle of mineral water. There’s also a Korean market right in front of the restaurant in which you can visit and buy some Korean authentic food supplies such as fresh meat, sweets & snacks, sauce, instant noodles, etc.


Opening hour: 10:00a.m - 9:00p.m

Price: from 200,000VND ($8.80)

Matchandeul Korean BBQ


Standard Korean style. Photo by 맛찬들 왕소금구이 - Matchandeul BBQ Facebook Page.

Originally located in District 7, a heavy Korean expat community, Matchandeul BBQ is loved by Korean residents for recalling the taste of their homeland. The place is clean, well-organized & cozy. You will be taken care of by dedicated staff, friendly and always ready to support customers. They guide customers lớn grill meat at a perfect temperature & sometimes help grill meat in need. At Matchaneul, they offer true fresh meat with superb taste.


Excellent ingredients at Matchandeul BBQ. Photo by Thánh Ăn.

One of the most interesting dishes you can not miss when coming to lớn Matchandeul is grilled cheese. Cheese will be grilled at exactly 200 degrees Celsius until it turns brown on both sides, then dipped in honey & you can enjoy it with grilled meat. Panchan is không lấy phí of charge and served unlimitedly, along with cold water & ice-cream for dessert.