How to perform a windows xp repair install

Autoplay in Windows XP can be a convenient feature when inserting a CD, DVD or portable USB drive. But it can also be frustrating when autoplay develops a problem và things don't work the way you want them to….or when you don't want them to lớn work.

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While Vista has an autoplay settings interface found in the control panel, XP buries auto play settings in the properties option of each device.


If making changes in the autoplay tab, for a device that is not working properly fails, & you have exhausted all other options, a little known tool is available from Microsoft called AutoPlay Repair Wizard may be able to help.

AutoPlay Repair Wizard (APRW) scans your computer devices to lớn find defective AutoPlay settings, & attempts lớn fix those it finds.

AutoPlay Repair Wizard requires NO installation and is a stand alone utility. Lớn run it, just double click on AutoFix.exe.

After starting the wizard and clicking the Next button on the introduction screen, APRW runs a global check that verifies if the Shell Detection service is running & set to tự động start.


If neither of the checks are configured properly, you can click on the Repair button (next khổng lồ the failed option) to fix the problem.

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Clicking Next takes you to the screen where you can select the drive where Autoplay is not working.


After selecting a drive & clicking Next, APRW will check for any problems with Current, User, or Device Diver policies. If any problems are found you can attempt to lớn fix them by clicking on the Repair button.


If no problems are found, click on Next, và following the instructions, try khổng lồ re-produce the problem you are having so APRW can monitor in real time.

For example, if you are having a problem with autoplay with your CD drive, insert a CD & click on Begin Test.


You will notice the wizard will refer to lớn the sự kiện as "AutoPlay V2 event". Pre-Windows XP Autoplay is referred lớn as Autoplay V1 (Win 95/98/ME). Autoplay V2 refers to lớn the new Autoplay features introduced in Windows XP. Not sure why Microsoft decide to display the version, since AutoPlay Wizard only runs on XP and 2003, but you can ignore it.

If any problems are found, you will have the opportunity lớn repair the problem. If the wizard is successful or not, click on Next khổng lồ go khổng lồ the next screen where you can view a log displaying all the checks & their results.


While Autoplay Repair Wizard may not fix all problems, it is worth a shot when your down to your last option và everything else fails.

Just lượt thích the tool I wrote about to fix Windows XP TCP Network problems, utilities like these found in Microsoft archives, sometimes proved to be life savers to you and your Computer.