I have a php array of key => value, and I would lượt thích to store all the values into a list (like a python list) of values.I need it cause I have to lớn pass this danh mục of values khổng lồ a JQuery script.

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Basically I have:

$var = Array ( <0> => 5 <1> => 7 <2> => 9 <3> => 10 )and I would lượt thích to have something like

$var = <5, 7, 9, 10>;When I điện thoại tư vấn from Jquery my variable:

var newvariable = "";The final goal is to have a Jquery danh sách like:

var newvariable = <5,7,9,10>;Is this possible in php?





I"m assuming you have a PHP array such as this:

$var = array ( 5, 7, 9, 10 );This would print, with var_dump:

array(4) <0>=> int(5) <1>=> int(7) <2>=> int(9) <3>=> int(10)PHP has a list() language constructor <1>. I don"t believe this is what you want though.

Since I"m not sure exactly how this is constructed, I"d suggest looking at the JSON functions <2> PHP has available which might be of help when interacting with jQuery.

Not a definitive answer but I hope it helps.

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