Alert php message

You could use Javascript:

// This is in the PHP tệp tin & sends a Javascript alert khổng lồ the client $message = "wrong answer"; emang đến "";

PHP. renders HTML và Javascript to sover khổng lồ the client"s browser. PHPhường is a server-side language. This is what allows it vì chưng things like INSERT something inlớn a database on the VPS.

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But an alert is rendered by the browser of the client. You would have sầu lớn work through javascript to lớn get an alert.

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I have done it this way:

var JavaScriptAlert = ; alert(JavaScriptAlert); // Your PHPhường alert!
Isn't this telling hyên ổn how khổng lồ bởi vì a php generated message and display it in JS rather than how khổng lồ use JS in php? – Phill Healey Aug 11 "16 at 15:12

See this example :

" ?>

This .php file content will generate valid html with alert (you can even remove )


You need some JS to achieve sầu this by simply adding alert("Your message") within your PHPhường code.

See example below

when you visit your browser using the route supposed to triger your function_alert, you will see the alert box with your message displayed on your screen.


You can use DHPhường lớn vì chưng this. It is absolutely simple và it is fast than script. Just write alert("something"); It is not programing language it is something lượt thích a lit bit jquery. You need require dhp.php in the top và in the bottom require dhpjs.php. For now it is not open source but when it is you can use it. It is our programing language ;)

if you announce some unknown php library, at least link to it. Also, it most likely is based on some programming language lượt thích Javascript, seems misleading... – IceFire Mar 26 "16 at 10:41
I know but I think when it was finished this will be useful – Ibrahyên ổn Hasanov Mar 26 "16 at 10:56
Yeah already been said, but this does not seem like a usable solution... alert('something'); is JS. I can write a PHP. function called 'alert' that creates a JS alert lượt thích another post has already mentioned. This does not seem lượt thích a useful external library at all, just some random PHPhường. functions. I'm not saying whatever you are creating is bad because I have no clue what it is, but the way you describe it as a solution is. – ViaTech Feb 12 "18 at 19:59

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