Jquery: set href attribute at runtime using jquery

I have sầu a mix of liên kết on my page & some of them start with /mypath, like this

I need lớn add a querystring to the links that start this way, so the result is something lượt thích with the "1234" being the node id of the node we"re currently viewing.

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I"ve sucessfully passed the nid into my js file using obatambeienwasirherbal.com settings. The only part of this I can"t get to lớn work is putting the original link in where you see the second attr("href").

My code is as follows:

$("a").attr("href", attr("href") + "?parent=" + obatambeienwasirherbal.com.settings.nodeinfo.nid);Instead of that second attr("href") I"ve sầu tried a number of things and can"t figure out what it should be.

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asked Jun 22 "12 at 16:50

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You"ve got nothing khổng lồ hook onto lớn for that second attr() as you"re not storing the result of the jQuery Gọi in a variable.

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I"d advise using a loop instead:

$("a").each(function(index, element) var newAttr = $(element).attr("href") + "?parent=" + obatambeienwasirherbal.com.settings.nodeinfo.nid; $(element).attr("href", newAttr););That will catch any liên kết on the page that matches the path selector.

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answered Jun 22 "12 at 17:22

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