How to embed html on facebook

You may have noticed that some retailers have added their online catalog to their Facebook Page. This is a great way to lớn reach fans on Facebook with engaging content. We created this short guide to help you embed your catalog (or any other type of publication) on a Facebook Page, quickly và easily.

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Important notice: Facebook has adjusted page permissions for pages with less than 2000 fans. As a result, if you have less than 2000 fans, this guide will no longer work for your Facebook page.

Simply put, we"re going khổng lồ help you showcase your catalog in a Facebook Tab. Here"s where Facebook Tabs are shown on a Facebook Page:

Facebook Tabs on a Facebook Page.

And here"s what our example catalog on Facebook will look like:

An online catalog embedded on a Facebook Page.

To get your catalog on your Facebook Page lượt thích the example above, simply follow these 5 steps:

1. Open and install "Static HTML: iframe tabs"

To get started, you’ll need an tiện ích that helps you manage your Facebook Tabs without hassle. We lượt thích to use Static HTML: iframe tabs. Follow the link and then click địa chỉ Static HTML to lớn a page. This way, you’re going to showroom an easy khổng lồ manage tab khổng lồ your Facebook Page.

The "Static HTML: iframe tabs" install page. 2. địa chỉ Page Tab khổng lồ your Facebook Page

You’ll get khổng lồ see a screen where you can select a Facebook Page. Choose the Facebook Page where you’d lượt thích to embed your catalog and click add Page Tab.

showroom Page Tab screen of the "Static HTML: iframe tabs". 3. Locate và set up the new tab

When you’ve installed the "Static HTML: iframe tabs", you should have a new tab on your Facebook Page named “Welcome”. Click on that tab and then click set up tab.

The "Welcome" tab. 4. Enter the HTML for your tab

In the screen that follows, we’re going khổng lồ edit the tab so that it will display your catalog. To bởi vì so, you’ll have to lớn paste the code for your catalog into the section called “index.html”.

The area where you’ll have khổng lồ paste the code for your catalog.

Simply copy the code below và paste it into the area for "index.html".

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The HTML code for embedding a catalog on a Facebook Tab.

This code allows you khổng lồ display a catalog in an iframe on Facebook. However, before saving, you"ll first need to lớn replace two parts of the code (indicated with red above). The first part should be replaced with the links to your catalog. The second part Embedded catalog can be anything you like, but is preferably used as a title. For example: “Fall Catalog 2016”.

There are two ways to links to your catalogs:

1. Displaying a specific catalog Simply xuất hiện the preview of your catalog in & copy the URL from your browser"s address bar. That’s the link you can use khổng lồ replace

The liên kết to a specific catalog in

2. Automatically displaying your latest catalog In this case you"ll need to links to your group instead of a specific catalog. You can find the URL lớn your group by opening the preview of your catalog in, lượt thích in the first option. Then, instead of copying the entire URL, you’ll only copy the first part (leaving out the publication name and page number). The resulting link is what you can use to lớn replace

Leave out the publication name and page number from the URL to links to your group.

Once you’ve pasted the code in the "index.html" and you’ve replaced the red parts of the code with your own catalog’s URL and title, you can click Save và Publish. You now have a tab on your Facebook Page that displays your catalog. However, your tab is still named “Welcome”. Let’s change that to something more engaging.

5. Fill in Tab Name and upload Tab Image

From your Facebook Page, click Settings -> Edit Page. Under the sections “Tabs”, locate the newly added welcome tab and click Settings -> Edit Settings. Here you can edit the name of your tab as well as upload a different image for it.

Changing your Custom Tab Image và Name.
Your Custom Tab Image and Name as shown on your Facebook Page. Bonus tip: Move your new tab so that it"s visible on your Page

It’s possible that you’ve added other apps and tabs lớn your Facebook Page. If that’s the case, your new custom tab with your embedded catalog may not appear high up enough on your page. To lớn change this, click Manage Tabs (found below your tabs). Here you can easily move the tab with your embedded catalog higher up in the list.

Did this guide help you get your catalog on Facebook? We"d love to lớn hear your feedback, so nội dung your comments with us below!