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Thời trang phái mạnh và my jQuery to try showroom class="open" to the first tag:

$(".cat_lv2").click(function () $(this).parents().eq(3).addClass("open"););I don"t see anything change when I click on one of the class="cat_lv2" links.

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So, I tested it by code:

$(".cat_lv2").click(function () if( $(this).parents().eq(3).addClass("open")) alert("ok"); );and I receive a popup that says "ok".

Why won"t my code work?



You are going up too many parents. You want .eq(2), not .eq(3).

$(".cat_lv2").click(function () $(this).parents().eq(2).addClass("open"););.eq() is 0-indexed, so you need to lớn use 2 to lớn get the 3rd element.


I believe you may have misunderstood how the .parents() function in jQuery works.

The .parents() function returns the list of ancestors of the DOM object it is acting on. It looks like you were thinking that it gets the danh mục of all the DOM objects (HTML tags) which appeared before it in the HTML document.

So in your code, $(".cat_lv2") is that bunch of tags inside the tag. So their parents are that và that outer, classless tag. Neither the tag nor the tag are ancestors of that mix of tags. The is a sibling of the .

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As a result, your function should be this:

$(".cat_lv2").click(function () $(this).parents().eq(1).addClass("open"););To địa chỉ the class "open" to that outer .

RocketHazmat mentioned in a comment, your if in your demo is useless because that bit of jQuery is always returning a value which is equivalent lớn true. As per the documentation:

If an element cannot be found at the specified zero-based index, the method constructs a new jQuery object with an empty set and a length property of 0.

So .eq(3) returns an empty list, not a null, & .addClass("open") returns an object, as
RocketHazmat said, indicating that nothing was acted upon.

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If you want to change the li containing the a tag that was clicked you only need khổng lồ get the first parent:

$(".cat_lv2").click(function () $(this).parent().addClass("open"); );.open background: red; text-shadow: 0px 0px 3px white; Thời trang nam giới

But if you want lớn change the first li tag no matter which a is clicked you could traverse up to lớn the ul tag and find the first child:

$(".cat_lv2").click(function () var ul= $(this).parent().parent(); ul.find(">:first-child").addClass("open"); );.open background: red; text-shadow: 0px 0px 3px white; Thời trang nam giới


Just give the first thành quả an ID since you"re always just changing the one thing.

$(".cat_lv2").click(function () $("#firstItem").addClass("open"); );.open background: red; text-shadow: 0px 0px 3px white; Thời trang nam giới
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answered Sep 14, năm ngoái at 13:48


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