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I just found out I can"t use DVDVideoSoft anymore. After 5 years of using it for miễn phí they made everything "premium". It"s a sad day in history, so far the we will stay không tính phí forever :DAnyway, does anyone know where I can tải về youtube videos in mp3? I don"t mind adds as long as they don"t put my pc full of viruses.Have a nice day!

*Edit: Thanks everyone you helped me a lot :D

You can change it khổng lồ 320kbps in the options. If you want more than that, then you shouldn"t be using mp3 anyways.

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Youtube"s audio bitrate is 128kbps (if I"m not wrong), picking anything over it is just a waste of space sadly.

Ah. I wouldn"t know, I never get music from youtube. But apparently there is no real conclusion as lớn youtube"s audio quality (I searched). Even when you click "statistics for nerds", there is nothing audio related. But, if you can find a decent (official) upload, the quality isn"t that bad. A lot of times people reupload music and the unique goes to lớn the bin.

Stop using the middleman và just use which all the other websites use.

I agree. Few posts down has an easy guide khổng lồ setting it up:

Works for mp3 and clip conversion. I don"t really use the MP3 option often as it"s so 2000, but it works well. If you convert something from a youtube đoạn phim into MP3 you"re probably not expecting FLAC unique anyway.

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My oto is not that good to tư vấn something else :"(PS I get this message: ClipConverter is not available for videos containing music.

Well I say all this stuff about FLAC, but the truth is I have terrible hearing and could probably not spot the difference with MP3, apart from the filesize of course.

I used atube catcher for years, và it had a lot of formats available, both for đoạn phim and audio. But i"ve noticed lately that some of the songs i tải về have some muted seconds, which is really annoying...So kinda on the same boat as you.Bump, useful thread! :P

used this one a while ago ... Seemed like fine tool to tải về single yb videos (browser plugins are more practical for that)or an entire yb channel with only copy pasting 1 overview-link

Pretty easy and fast, not sure how good it is compared lớn other alternatives though.

*"ve been using this one for the last 3 years, it"s a perfect tool for downloading podcasts or music.

I can"t believe noone mentioned yetIt does Youtube but also so many file hosts (and Facebook, Dailymotion, etc)

If you were discussing a good place to get pirated games, you would"ve received an entirely different response.. Gaben"s loyalists...